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Local Utility Companies



  • Duke Energy: Customer Service 1-800-521-2232

  • REMC: here is a great map that has the boundaries for all of Indiana's REMCs. Simply click on the REMC that services your property and you'll be taken to that REMC's home page. It doesn't get easier than that!


  • SBC/ATT: Customer Service 1-800-288-2020. They experience 2-4 week delays during the summer peak season. You should schedule as soon as you're sure of your first full date of possession.

  • Smithville Telephone: PO Box 728, Ellettsville, IN 47429. Phone: 812.876.2211. If you're out of town, you can call in to start service. If you're local, come in person. Service will not be started until application fee, which may be mailed, is in business office. Allow one week to start service.

    (There are a lot of phone services being offered now. These are the two major local services.)


  • Vectren/Indiana Gas: Customer Service 1-800-777-2060


  • B&B Water Corporation, 812.336.7644

  • Brown County Water Utility, 812.988.6611

  • City of Bloomington Utilities [customer service: 812.349.3930]: CBU requires the customer to visit their offices at 600 E. Miller Drive to start service. By exception, they'll allow a customer to fax in their service request. Go here, print the appropriate form, then fax to their offices at 812.331.5407. Please call them first if you're not going to go in to start service in person.

  • East Lawrence Water Authority, 812.279.9562

  • East Monroe Water Corporation, 812.335.8499

  • Eastern Heights Utilities 812.384.8261

  • Ellettsville Municipal Water Utility, 812.876.2297

  • North Lawrence Water Authority, 812.279.2774

  • Rhorer Harrell & Schacht Roads Water Corp, 812.327.1988

  • Shady Side Drive Water Corporation, 812.824.7410

  • South Lawrence Utilities, 812.849.5544

  • Southern Monroe Water Corporation: 5790 S Fairfax Rd 47401, 812.824.7220 "Membership" fee and "transfer/reconnect" fee (call them for current rate) due upon start of service. If your property is on sewer, they will notify sewer, so there is no need for separate contact for that.

  • Van Buren Water

  • Washington Township Water Corporation


  • Trash service does not need to be started; it's a pay-per-use utility. Visit the Sanitation Dept's web site here; find out where to buy trash stickers here.

  • If your property is not serviced by the city's trash service, you might try Sears & Sons, 812.824.4282, or find out who services your neighborhood.

  • Jon Winne is the owner of Express Waste Removal, a residential trash removal business. You can contact him by calling 812.876.0055 or by visiting his website at www.expresswasteremoval.com.


  • Comcast: 812-332-9486 will send you to a hated and demeaning [in my humble opinion, anyway] automated answering service. If you persevere, after a while you can speak with a human being  who can schedule the installation of your service. They require you to be home either in the morning or afternoon — they can't give you a time when they will show up.

    They're usually about a week behind on their appointment schedule, but get busy when students move in and out of town at the start of May and end of August.



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