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The Closing and Beyond


Congratulations on your home purchase! Now what??? Well, the first order of business is that Signature Realty Services (SRS) wants to remind you that our goal is for you to be happy in your home. To that end, SRS makes the following commitment to you:

We promise not to sell or otherwise provide your personal information to any other parties or businesses. You will not receive spam because of us. You will not receive junk mail because of us. You will not receive unsolicited phone calls because of us. We would not want anyone to do that with our information, so SRS will not do that to you.

Of course, that means you'll be missing out on real treats like not getting SRS's favorite recipes in the mail, and you won't be getting seasonal decorating tips from us, either. Nor will third parties be calling you with phone offers based on your income and where you now live. SRS believes that respecting your privacy is more important than adding you to a mailing list and making a deal to provide your information to third parties.

What SRS does ask is that, in exchange for not invading your privacy post-closing, please remember to recommend SRS to your friends, colleagues, and those whom might appreciate being treated respectfully and professionally.

Just because SRS won't be sending you these warm fuzzies in the mail (if you want them, let us know and we'll find a way to get them to you) doesn't mean SRS won't be in touch after closing. SRS will remind you to register any property tax exemptions you're eligible to claim. SRS will verify every year that your property assessment and exemptions are correct for your property. If your lender is escrowing your property taxes, SRS will ensure your taxes are being paid. SRS will monitor interest rates and will contact you should refinancing seem viable for your property. These are tasks that can result in you overpaying for your property & and its taxes or, if discrepancies exist and are not addressed on time, can even result in the foreclosure of your property. You're welcome  to tend to these tasks yourself. When it comes to property taxes and avoiding inadvertent foreclosure, SRS considers it an obligation to use its institutional knowledge to help safeguard your property.

Additionally, SRS can recommend contractors and service providers for just about any situation that you might want to address. Our doors — and email inbox and phone — are always open to you. By now you get the idea, though. After the closing, SRS won't abuse the privilege of working as your REALTOR®. SRS will continue to work, even in the background unless a problem arises, to help safeguard your quiet enjoyment of your property. If you're reading ahead to learn more prior to selecting your realty agent, by now you should be ready contact SRS to get started on your property purchase!



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