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The Initial Interview


Congratulations on your upcoming home purchase! Signature Realty Services (SRS) looks forward to working on your behalf as your agent. To begin the process, Signature Realty Services will ask you a few questions to determine your realty interests and where you are in the purchase process. These questions can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Where are you moving from? Are you currently an owner or are you renting? When do you want to take possession of the property you purchase?

  • What is your top dollar price point for your purchase? (Don't let this question make you uncomfortable. SRS will impose a price ceiling but never a bottom price point. If your ceiling is $250,000 and a good candidate property is listed for $175,000, SRS will bring that property to your attention.)

  • Have you investigated your financing options? Are you familiar with current interest rates? Have you already spoken with a lender? How long do you plan to live in the property?

  • Do you have any special needs or interests (location, master on the main, new construction, etc.) that you require of your purchase?

  • Are there any unique circumstances that can impact your ability to purchase a property?

This interview can be conducted in person, but it can also be conducted over the phone. By the time we complete the initial interview, SRS will be ready to start working for you. The ultimate goal of SRS is to represent your interests in the purchase of a property with terms as favorable to you as possible. SRS looks forward to working for you. Contact SRS to get started!



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