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Submitting an Offer to Purchase


Once you identify a property you want to purchase, the next step is to submit an offer to purchase. At this critical juncture in the purchase process, Signature Realty Services (SRS) remembers one key aspect to what is going on: SRS is involved to represent your interests as a buyer. SRS will offer advice based on your questions and the circumstances surrounding your purchase, and SRS's advice will be based on the expectation that you want to know what it reasonably takes to purchase the property in question. Ultimately, though, the decisions are yours to make.


SRS will discuss your timeline for taking possession of the property as well as the finances involved with your purchase. SRS will review all terms of the offer with you to make sure you understand the commitments involved once you sign on the dotted line.


Upon entering into an accepted offer, SRS will work to make sure all contingencies in the offer (inspections, finances, etc.) are met and that no detail gets overlooked. SRS will provide you with contact information so you can register with the servicing utility companies. You'll also be reminded to register your new address with various government agencies that will want to know you've moved.


SRS's goal as your agent is to make the buying process as simple and transparent as possible so that you can quickly get through this time of transition in your life and move on to getting settled into a comfortable Bloomington lifestyle. Contact SRS to get started!



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