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Recommended Local Lenders


There are many competent lenders in Bloomington (and elsewhere) and you're welcome to select a lender of your choice when financing a property. The lenders are listed below only because this is where SRS business has ended up and because these lenders have proven themselves reliable over time. When they say a loan is good, you can move forward with your purchase, confident that you will not be blindsided by unexpected loan-related problems and confident that funds will be disbursed in time for your scheduled closing.

*** NOTE: Please contact the mortgage officer, not just the company! I have a working relationship with these people, and if they move they will take my business with them.***


RECOMMENDED LENDERS (Mortgage calculator)
(in no particular order)

Ruoff Mortgage - Jason Sumner
ph 812.349.6037
Peoples State Bank - Janet Johnson
ph 812.323.3221
Fifth Third Bank
ph 800.972.3030
German American Bank

ph 812-336-2265

Other recommended lenders who don't provide daily rate information:
Mortgage Masters - Bobbi Carey ph 812.336.9006 / 800.276.4276
IU Credit Union - Bruce Clayton ph 812.855.7823
Regions Bank - Tanya Sullivan ph 812-323-3142

Rates are flexible and circumstantial. There is more to a mortgage than just who has the lowest rate. As you investigate financing, make sure you fully understand the process -- or better yet, consult with those that do! Your mortgage can be with you thirty years -- or more now! You owe it to yourself to know what you're getting into when you sign your loan documents at closing.

* these are interest rates. Contact individual lenders for the APR for each loan product. Also, different terms MAY apply for refinancing, so call your lender for their institution's "refi" policies & rates.


Interviewing Lenders  back to top▲

Be prepared! Prior to contacting lenders, you should have your basic financial information available. Know how much income you reported on your most recent federal tax returns. Having account balances for loans, credit cards, and checking & savings accounts. You should also have information ready on any other accounts that make up your financials — car, boat, or student loans, gift money you plan on receiving, etc.

When talking with lenders, there are three basic questions you will want answered:

  • Am I qualified to obtain a mortgage?

  • How much will it cost to get to the closing table?

  • How much will my monthly payment be?

Ask the lender for a good faith estimate. This estimate itemizes expected and actual fees to get to closing. Signature Realty Services can meet with you to review any good faith estimates you receive and, as you consider your financing options, help ensure you are comparing "apples to apples" as you decide how to proceed.

Here are a few more questions you might ask your prospective lender:

  • How will my credit score and/or amount borrowed affect my mortgage?

  • Should I sell the property I'm buing, make early payments, refinance or otherwise pay off my loan, are there any pre-payment penalties?

  • Does your lending institution have any flexibility on the rate being offered?

  • Is it possible to avoid PMI?

  • Does your lending institution have any peripheral requirements (must open checking account, etc) that I need to know about?

  • Do I have to escrow property taxes and homeowner insurance? What are the fees for not doing so?

You might have other questions for your lender, but getting answers to the questions above will provide a good start as you decide which lender you prefer. Signature Realty Services is ready to help you with your questions related to realty financing!




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