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On-line Financial Resources


National Foundation for Credit Counseling
- The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a network of 1450 non-profit agencies that provide money management education, confidential budget, credit, and debt counseling, and debt repayment plans for both individuals and families. Because it receive support for a wide-range of organizations, such as banks, consumer finance companies, and credit unions, we can provide services at no cost in many communities and for a reasonable fee in others.

VA Loans
- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs guaranties mortgage loans for veterans and servicepersons. The guaranty allows veterans to obtain home loans with favorable loan terms, usually without a down payment.

This site provides detailed information on VA Home Loans for those planning to use their VA Loan benefit, general information on the home buying process, such as the cost of homeownership, finding a suitable home, and major steps in the purchase process, and answers to questions veterans and others most frequently ask about the Home Loan program. It even addresses the prospect of buying a manufactured (mobile) home.

Yahoo Search Result for Credit Report Services - this Yahoo search provides links to many credit report services. Do you have blemishes on your credit report that you'd like removed? Then visit here (or contact a lender of your choice) for more information on how to have your credit report work for you. [FOR YOUR INFORMATION: TRW is owned by Experian, so don't look for TRW in the search result.]

Foreign exchange rates - are you coming here from overseas, want to buy a home but have income only in a foreign currency? Have your lender visit this link to find out the foreign exchange rate for your currency and together we can find a Bloomington home for you! Contact SRS if your currency is not listed here. [Site is updated by the International Monetary Fund.]

Fannie Mae
- HomePath® is a site that will help you with buying or refinancing a home. There are actually three paths on this site: HomeStarterPath, HomePurchasePath, and HomeRefinancePath. Where you start depends on where you are in the process of homeownership.

If you need help deciding if you are now ready to purchase a home, click on the HomeStarterPath. This path lets you compare renting with owning, study various mortgages, see how much house you can afford, and more!

If you are ready to begin the process or are currently in the process of buying a home, you may wish to go directly to the HomePurchasePath. This path helps you with information on how to shop for a lender, steps in the mortgage application process, loan closing activities, and more.

If you are already a homeowner and want to refinance your current mortgage, click on the HomeRefinancePath. This path will help you decide when to refinance, steps in the refinance process, how much refinancing may cost, and m more.

This site also offers a number of useful tools. Calculators let you see how much house you can afford under various "what-if" scenarios. The Glossary helps you understand a wide variety of mortgage and financial terms. E-Mail allows you to send questions for a prompt professional response.

HUD Insured Loans
- HUD insures mortgage loans to help people buy or refinance their current homes at a low interest rate and with a low down payment. HUD doesn't give you the loan directly. You'll need to go to a local HUD-approved lender, who will help you find out if one of HUD's programs is right for you. Visit here to learn about HUD's mortgage insurance programs.

Indiana Housing Finance Authority
- The Indiana Housing Finance Authority provides resources and technical assistance in a fiscally responsible manner to stimulate affordable housing opportunities in Indiana. As an agent of Indiana's economic development policy, IHFA works with its partners to build stable communities for the residents of Indiana.

From 1989 to 1996, IHFA financed the purchase, development or rehabilitation of about 40,000 affordable homes for Hoosiers to rent or own. IHFA estimates that from 1989 to 1996, it helped more than 125,000 Hoosiers, or about 2 percent of Indiana's population. IHFA is financially self-sufficient and operates without state tax revenues.

Quicken Mortgage
- QuickenMortgage is a computerized loan origination system that can help you find a loan and helps you make more informed mortgage decisions by guiding you through the process of getting a home loan from respected national lenders, and even allowing you to start the loan application process with the lender of your choice—all online.

QuickenMortgage can identify a set of loans for which you are pre-qualified, and you can get a pre-qualification letter for the lender of your choice. QuickenMortgage is not a lender, does not make mortgage loans, and does not guarantee that you will be able to obtain a loan from any of the participating lenders. Your approval for a loan will be based on the lender's verification of the information you submit and the standard underwriting procedures of the lender. But it's still an interesting site to visit.



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