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Lake Monroe, Bloomington, IN

Properties for Sale on Lake Monroe and Lake Information

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  • Lake Monroe Facts

LOCATION Monroe, Brown counties in Indiana
10,750 acres (2nd largest lake in Indiana aside from Lake Michigan; largest inland lake in Indiana.)
Army Corps of Engineers
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It can be difficult to find properties for sale on Lake Monroe. Because this reservoir is the water source for the local population, local government has strict rules for land use within the Lake Monroe watershed. Among the rules restricting land use is that, aside from parcels already in existence, any subdivision of land within the Lake Monroe watershed must be at least five acres.


Within that five acres must be  a one-acre parcel that meets slope restrictions to avoid run-off into the lake. Lake The terrain here in Lake Monroe is gently hilly and Lake Monroe, being a man-made reservoir, is not a lake like Michigan with long sandy beaches. Rather, it is a lake with lots of gorges and ridges that run up and out of the water. Because of the topography and the "slope restriction" rule, there aren't as many building sites available on the lake as one might find at other lakes with fewer development restrictions.


Boat dock rights are another common feature desired by lake property owners. Lake Monroe is governed by the Department of Natural Resources & the Army Corps of Engineers and is one of the group of "newer" lakes developed after World War II. On these newer lakes (similar to Lake Patoka), there is a moratorium on boat dock rights being issued. Despite trying, even a famous unnamed star couldn't get boat dock rights on Lake Monroe. If that person couldn't get boat dock rights, there are no exceptions to the rule. The flip side of boat dock rights is that there are group docks available with properties in certain neighborhoods as well as a few standalone group docks, so dock rights can be available either with a home or, occasionally, separately as part owner of the group. However, there are a few marinas on Lake Monroe where a slip can be rented, so if a property doesn't have boat dock rights, docking a boat is still a possibility.


One more feature desired by lake property owners is water access. Because of the hilly topography of the land around the lake, it can be difficult to find a property with accessible water frontage. For example, a property might have frontage but it's a 300' slope from the house down to the take line. This also ties into view. A property might sit lower and have decent pedestrian access to the water but not have a view. Conversely, a property might sit up on a ridge and have a superior view but not be accessible to water.


Finding the right property on Lake Monroe requires patience. There aren't a lot of properties to choose from, and for those that are available, you'll likely get a mix of view, water access, and boat dock rights, but not all bundled into one property. Do you have any more questions on Lake Monroe properties? Then please contact Signature Realty Services. We're happy to address you inquiries!



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