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This is the question sellers always would always like answered, and it's perfectly normal to want to know. The Signature Realty Services (SRS) policy on commissions is that they're negotiable. Details that might render a commission negotiable include but are not limited to:

  • location of your property

  • how close the sellers choose to set the list price relative to the SRS recommended list price

  • length of the listing contract

  • how much business the client might have already referred to SRS

  • the expected sale price of the property

  • whether SRS will serve as a referral agent for the seller's next purchase at their destination city

You can see that the circumstances surrounding a property and its owners make the commission rate negotiable. Ultimately, it is the goal of SRS to remain competitive on commissions. So if you call SRS to discuss listing your property and your first question is, "How much is your commission?", with apologies, the answer will be, It depends."



The list price for your property can be determined in a few different ways. SRS is qualified to provide a market analysis for your home. The market analysis will compare your property with other similar properties, weigh features against each other and adjust values accordingly, then compute the adjustments with the goal of getting an expected market value for your property. This market analysis takes two appointments up to 60 to 90 minutes and both owners should be present for each.

During the first appointment, SRS will walk through the property with the owners. There are two reason for doing this. The first is that SRS needs to see the features of the property so that it can make valid comparisons in the market analysis. The second is that SRS will provide recommendations on how to improve the property to make it more attractive to buyers. SRS can explain the details of this to you during the first appointment, but the bottom line is that SRS recommends the minimum work needed to get your property to a condition competitive with other similar properties that are listed for sale.

The second appointment will provide the "meat and potatos" of the market analysis. By the time SRS has explained the information contained in the market analysis, you will have all the information you need to list your property for sale.



The SRS policy on negotiating is always the same: to obtain terms most favorable to our clients. For more details, visit the 'SRS Office Policy for Sellers' page. As part of the negotiations, SRS will ensure your buyer is qualified to obtain financing for your purchase. SRS will also work diligently to ensure all contingencies regarding the sale of your property (financing, inspections, employment verification, etc) are removed as scheduled in your offer to purchase. SRS will also work to ensure all coordinations are made so we close as scheduled and that funds are present at closing.



If you let SRS know where you plan to move to, SRS can find a qualified REALTOR® at your destination to work as your buyer agent. Allowing SRS to serve as your referring agency provides you with two benefits: the first is that you will have a qualified REALTOR® who will professionally represent you in the purchase of your next property. SRS is very selective in which REALTORS® it contacts for referrals, and SRS will interview the referral agent prior to providing them with your contact information. The second benefit is that, as SRS will receive a referral fee for this service, SRS can reduce the commission to list your property, resulting in you having a higher net proceeds at closing.



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